“Deb’s calm, practical, loving wisdom provided a safe relationship in which to explore the mysteries and magic of Reiki energy as applied to animals and humans. Her beautiful ranch served as a serene and nurturing backdrop to the deep, intuitive healing work we did together. Everything moved in sacred time. I felt so calm and restored, connected with myself and the universal flow of love and light!”  Heather


At our best friends’ dairy farm in McMinnville Or. The photo is a mix of my brothers and sister (with me on Black Beauty) and their family. This was a safe place for all of us.

Animals saved my life when I was growing up. Experiencing trauma as a young girl and throughout childhood, there were times when I needed to find my dog and just pet her, feeling her unconditional love, her way of being with me that took away the pain and transported me to a place of peace. When I was in first grade in McMinnville, Oregon, our best friends had horses and I was introduced to the healing that horses can       provide. As I have learned to now trust and love people, I have combined my love for animals and people to create a place where people can experience what I found as a child: that animals can heal us in a way that transcends our everyday life experiences.

I have this passion for guiding adults and especially young adults to discover the truth they hold in their hearts; that we are more than our stories. Through deep listening, clarifying questions, powerful processes and experiences with our horses, I am able to foster a safe environment of discovery, growth and new wisdom. Let me and our herd of wise teachers, aka horses, assist you on your journey of growth towards a more heart led authentic life.

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