Life Coaching

I invite you to live fully and joyfully. Through deep listening, questioning, guided processes and heart centered conversations, I will assist you in seeing your everyday life in a new way.  Whether in times of transition or hoping to discover your soul purpose, my belief is that you can experience powerful transformations that change your present and future outlook.  My role is to assist and facilitate this discovery process. Working with my horses through equine facilitated learning and staying at our ranch for a mini retreat is also an option. 


Coaching Testimonials

Deb Reynolds is an intuitive coach. During our sessions, she correctly sensed the precise meditations and Law of Attraction processes that my soul needed in order for me to achieve my goals. Deb guided me through them easily and smoothly in her gentle, soothing, and soft voice. 

That’s one other thing I remember warmly about Deb – the tone, volume, and energy of her voice. This is very important for me because Deb coached me via the phone and as such, I was acutely aware of the immediate effect of her voice upon my energy. Needless to say, I always received the relief that I intended within a few minutes of each session.

I give Deb 5 stars for her professionalism, compassion, and intuition. Dorothy, Las Vegas

I especially find helpful the experiential exercises Deb brings to our sessions that I can then apply again and again to other challenges. Fisse, Washington

Deb has so many beautiful facets, skills and experiences that she brings to life coaching!  This means she is able to meet someone where they are, connect, bring clarity and work collaboratively to create future outcomes.  I have found her to be extremely compassionate, non-judgmental and accessible.  She brings many modalities – including a love for science.  Years of teaching and innate wisdom help her to see and understand where one is caught in thought or behavior patterns.  She can then bring the perfect tool to assist in that moment and at many levels.  I highly value each of the sessions and interactions that I have had with Deb. Louise  Detroit, Michigan, USA     

My experience of Deb Reynold’s coaching is that she goes deep, and has an amazing, intuitive sense of how to move you beyond the insurmountable brick wall you think you are facing. Her questions make you think, sometimes about your goals, sometimes about your motivations, and sometimes about what you just said sort of by accident. She doesn’t presume to know your experience or motivations, but she has a way of asking the right questions so that you will deepen your understanding of those things. I’m not sure how she accomplished it, but I clearly remember ending each call feeling empowered and inspired to take on the next step. Tracy, Colorado


When these traits combine, it is a gift. And that is how I would describe Deb – a gift.   Her sensitivity to human beings and human beings working with horses is unbelievable until you experience it in person. Her deep connection to others allowed her to walk into spaces of the heart and soul with me, ask significant and engaging questions, and then let it all open up in way she artfully held.   Her example, presence and guidance are the embodiment of integrity. I so benefited from my work with her and very much look forward to the next time.  Greg, Illinois

I was very fortunate to have discovered Deb Reynolds as a Life Coach. I am a writer and love to create using words. However, as many writers will confess, loving your work is not always enough. There are times when the motivation, the inspiration or the rock hard dedication is nowhere to be found. Personally, I had reached a point when my resistance to sitting down and getting to work was causing me pain. I would find endless reasons to avoid completing projects and I was beginning to feel a sense of depression around the whole process.

        My first impression, in working with Deb, was of her sincere desire for my success and her unflagging recognition that I was capable. You might think that this is just business, as I had engaged her to help me return to that place of self-belief, but there was much more. Deb is remarkably intuitive. She was able to quickly pinpoint the areas of uncertainty for me and help me turn my perspective in a more productive direction. I imagine that her background of teaching science to young adults has honed awareness of just how individual all humans are. With discussion and insightful suggestions, she guided me over several weeks to a place of clarity and confidence. I am back to writing on a productive schedule.

     I feel that my time with Deb was exceptional. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is looking to bring clear thinking, and the directed excitement that feeds inspiration, back to their lives. Jane, Oregon