“Deb, Perrin and the horses have created a magical and safe environment to explore the practice of Reiki and how it may enhance your life, and open new possibilities on how you want to be in this world”  Carrie

“Deb is a talented teacher in any forum. She is clear, directed and insightful, making what might otherwise seem esoteric, available and within our grasp. She has helped me re-open the link between spirit and energy in the world of healing and I am deeply grateful. Perrin is a great cook and makes the retreat move with surety, ease and grace. The horses are magical. What a wonderful experience!”  Jane

“Deb’s calm, practical, loving wisdom provided a safe relationship in which to explore the mysteries and magic of Reiki energy as applied to animals and humans. Her beautiful ranch served as a serene and nurturing backdrop to the deep, intuitive healing work we did together. Everything moved in sacred time. I felt so calm and restored, connected with myself and the universal flow of love and light!”  Heather

“The horses helped me feel more confident in myself…” Angela

“Being with the herd (both horse and human) and noticing my bodily sensations and emotions – I named my fear & vulnerability, asked for help, & experienced a deep release. A new possibility emerged as I stepped into harmony and Trust within – my Authentic Self.”  Gloria